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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Heaven Letter

HEAVEN #1649
May 11, 2005

God said:

Today We shall ride through life, perhaps in a coach or on a sleigh or in a swift canoe. Today We do not plod through life. No plodding today. All alacrity today. Well-oiled mechanisms of life today. Our car is in drive today, and We swing along the roads and we swerve on curves, and it is, yes, a joy ride, Our ride through life today.

The runners of our sleigh glide through the snow. The paddle of Our canoe is swift and quiet in the water. Whatever Our vehicle, we glide through life today. We are gliders of life today. We glide joyously.

Is there a better use of Our life? Is suffering nobler? Is struggle more worthy? Perhaps friction does smooth edges, but let's make life smooth without friction. Let's remember what We are here for. We are not here for resistance. We are not here for speculation. It is not exactly that We are here to go fast, but We certainly aren't here on Earth to find obstacles and brake all the time. We are not on Earth to go slow, though sometimes We mosey along. We are not here to exceed the speed limits, though sometimes We go faster than we realize. We are to curve around bends and drive straight for the long distance. We are going somewhere. We enjoy the ride regardless of the terrain.

Or, if We are runners in life, We run at an easy pace. We do not get out of breath nor do we sit by the way side. We go through life aptly, the way a sharp knife cuts bread. We do not go back and forth so much as We cut through what needs to be cut through. We go forward. When We do not seem to make much progress, we keep going anyway. We run even if it is in place. We keep Our steam up.

We do not proliferate Our lives. We live them. We relish every ounce.

Sometimes we do hand-springs because of the wealth of joy that is Ours.

When did it become hard to be happy? When did the runners of Our sleigh get rusty? When did We lose Our paddle? When did Our car run out of gas and We had to push it? I would say, "Let's dance around it then."

You are not a boxer in life, though sometimes you spar.

If life is a race, you are not the timer of it but you are the one who sets the metronome. Your life has a destination, and it has a pace. Do not presume that there is a gauntlet. If you feel you must run through a gauntlet, know that when you get to the other side of it, it will have an entirely different aspect. You will not recognize it. You will see that you were running through heather and moss all the while. It was your imagination that cast long shadows. Has it not in the past?

Sometimes you feel that life has bitten you. It has bitten your ego, beloved. Life has smitten your ego. It has torn it to shreds as with a machete. Your ego had to be ravaged. It was in your way. Ego has obliterated your view. Ego has made you dance on coals. Ego has stolen the vim from your life. Ego has worn false colors. It is ego that has dismayed you.

What a different life, the same life, without ego. What a different tune. What a different position you are in when ego subsides and does not run the show. Call ego a fraud that would perpetuate itself. Call an end to ego and a beginning to life.

HeavenlettersT Copyright@ 2005

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