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Monday, April 11, 2005

HEAVEN #1617

HEAVEN #1617
A Surprise of Joy
April 9, 2005

God said:

Will you laugh more? Will you have as your intention today to laugh? Find a surprise of joy today, and laugh. Find many surprises of joy, and laugh.

Laughter comes because you have been taken out of ordinary thought. Laughing doesn't come from logic. A break In your usual thinking surprises you and makes you laugh. A leap of thought, and laughter arises.

Surprise and laughter are wonderful gifts. Getting out of your ordinary thoughts is a wonderful event. Finding a different interpretation is a great blessing. Laughter gets you out of your rut of perception.

Metaphors help you to think in new ways.

Humor helps you to think in new ways.

You are not meant for a humdrum life. You are not meant for ordinariness. You are meant for alacrity of joy.

Your mission today is to sparkle your heart with laughter. If you have been seeking the fountain of youth, now you have found it. Joy and delight and their accompanying laughter are the wands of youth. Joy is always young. Joy cannot be sophisticated. It cannot be contrived. It cannot be old. It is always fresh. Old joy becomes wistful. It is incumbent upon you to find new joy.

Be alert to joy. Is not this moment of your awareness of Me right now a form of joy? Do I not bring you joy? I long for you to have joy rather than regret. When did I become a heavy weight of duty and responsibility and debt? I am not a collector of dues. I did not obligate you to give Me tribute as if I were to be on your to-do list. Does it not bring a little smile to your face to think that you catch only glimpses of Me when I am with you always?

You have been on a hunting spree, and that for which you hunted is all the while in your own breast pocket. Yes, this realization has the capability of making you smile and, perhaps, even laugh! You keep hunting for the brass rail, and you already have it! What a delight when you discover Me right where I have always been! Is it not joy to stumble over Me!

I tweak your nose, and you laugh. I tickle your chin. I pinch your cheek. I kiss the crown of your head. Sometimes you weep in joy, and your tears are jewels that fall from your cheeks and water the Earth.

Now We shall escalate joy. Take joy. Joy is for the taking. Relish joy. Relish everything. Relish this glob of life that has been given to you. Twirl a lasso of life.

When you laugh, you make new connections. You open up your cells. Every cell in your body lines up with laughter. Laughter cultures Oneness.

Laughter and joy must be real. They are not to be pretended. Let go of your pretensions, and you will have more laughter. Take yourself less seriously, and you will laugh more. You will spew laughter. Is not this life on Earth something to laugh about? Here you are a divine being inhabiting Earth and seemingly pulling a laden cart behind you, or pushing it. All the while, you can go merrily along without the cart. Are you surprised that you do not have to carry burdens with you? That you can simply let go of them and have laughter and joy instead?

If you must pull a wagon, let the wagon be filled with joy that you give out. Let joy and laughter be your wares. Give them away. You will not run out.

HeavenlettersT Copyright@ 4-9-05

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