Observations of a Damaged Mind

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stop Telling Others What to Do

note to self: stop trying to tell others what to do....

"Please dont be bored. As a request from me to you, whoever that may entail, please, do not allow yourself to be bored. Boredom is a waste of life and life is the most expense commodity that we've got. Why waste it. I know, I KNOw, you have way too much talent and creative gifts to waste time being bored. My motto, as of late, has been in the face of boredom...meditate. Big word, I know, but it really isnt that hard. Concentrate on your breath, focus on being alive, listen to your heart beat. You probably havent heard it in a while. Just....listen. When you do it opens up room for the happiness to creep in. A bliss that fills the void......its not even something that you have to try to do, just let." - myself on someone elses blog

Why is it that the words come so easily when I am talking on someone else's site, but when I want to share myself on my own site, nothing comes....


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