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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Just Trying to Throw Some Light On You. It Stains, But in a Good Way.

I have gained a valuble insight tonight. I wish to share it with you all. I am finally beginning to understand my vision(eyesight) more and more as I am learning to see without my glasses. The major realization that I have come to about eye sight is that people without 20/30 vision are able to naturally see the multitude of possibilites that we percieve as reality but halted the evolution of that knowledge by forcing their eyes to continually see in in an infantile state. When you look at something that you think is out of focus it is only that way because you have automated yourself to see only what is expected. what you do not realize is that you can manually override your automated systems whenever you want to. You think you cant cause dont see the results right away, but they are there, you just dont see them cause you cannot hold your own attention long enough to override the backup systems that kick in because the mind(the past) is afraid of change. Learn to control your attention and you can make any chioce you want at any time you want to control your perception. Dont believe me, try this (if you have non 20/20 vision) Find the distance from the clock where you just cant make out the numbers. Concentrate on the blur and then choose a time. Preferablly within the same hour because it's easier to trick your automated systems when you are only trying to convince yourself that the time is minutes difference than you last saw the clock. With practice one should be able to see whatever time they want to see brighy and clear. Then to prove to yourself that you are in control move the clock numbers back into focus and be astounded. This understanding hae been given too me just tonight so I myself am still getting used to the new level of control I have over myself and do can not even begin to fathom the implications of this knowledge upon evolution but, as always, I'll keep all posted on any new develpments that I get green lighted from myself to share in words.....night



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