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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Puzzle Guide

Aight so because I aint written much on here lately and have mostly been linking random sights on my journey through life, the internet, this dimension and all that is. I figga I should say a little somethin bout that which is as I just did.

...and then I remembered that its all been said already just in many different voices and through many different interpretations which means that each piece is there to be found. All the the pieces must be found on each level to move up to the next. There comes a time when you will have found all the pieces but not necessarily know it because many pieces were found through many lifetimes and through many dimensions unbeknowst to the current "self" with which you have equipped your self in this, this lifetime, which is now. Once you have the pieces only part of the puzzle is complete. Since the pieces easiest to recognize are those on the outside that is what one generally tries to assemble first. Such is the current state of our collective beings at this particular time. We have gotten very good at putting together the edge pieces, so very good, such that I need not delve any further into that idea. I wish rather to point out to all those who have assembled their edges or are trying to assemble their edges that they have nearly entirely forgotten about all of the interior pieces. Sure they may have a few sections here and there built up but other than small fractions of the whole nothing is connected because they focus on one piece insesantly. and try to make it fit exactly in a spot where it couldnt go, or they are so happy to get one or two pieces connected together that they still forget about all the other pieces because they stop looking. Pieces can be anywhere! In fact, they are EVERYWHERE! You just dont see them because you're not looking or your're looking and you see them, you see them all, but they dont match up and you're afraid you're gonna lose them if you try and move them around or change anything because you dont know what the picture is and it's easier to leave them there and count on someone else to explain what they mean or say that your not supposed to see the picture and know what it all means. That's all just trying to get around the fact that you're afraid because once you see the whole picture, perfect in all it's glory, you're not gonna like what you THINK it might be, or your afraid that there is nothing else after that, well "you", in this situation is whats wrong in the first place. Once you complete a puzzle it has served it's purpose and exists for the rest of time in its perfect state because that is what it was meant to do, what it was created to do, so now it can do, or be, nothing but exist in absolute perfection with the Source, Creator, God, Jehovah, Allah, whateva you wanna calla All That IS. Ok so with that basic logical truth laid before you I say you must not be afraid to put together the puzzle. Yes it will be difficult and you will try to fit the same piece in every possible hole time and again and then be absolutely flabbergasted that the piece fits in the puzzle perfectly, right after you calm down step back look what you've got so far and try a new piece in another spot and then as soon you find a totally different piece in that new spot all the old pieces, that you have tried to fit a million times before now fall into place one after another after another. The process repeats, over and over and over again until you find and fit in every piece. Every piece is there for a reason and it is unique to your puzzle and yours alone. I'm gonna say that again, every piece is there for a reason, it has to be because the puzzle is not complete and therefore not perfect without every piece. But then You will say BUT HEY i have lost some pieces or dropped them on the floor and the dog got ahold of some. I say, OH WELL if you are able to salvage a chewed piece then salvage it, as long as it fits, hey it adds character to your personal puzzle. well your soul's puzzle, if you lost a few pieces in this life you will have to go back and refind it in another life. The thing is though we dont realize it but we, as a whole here on earth, are simply a piece in a much larger puzzle, in fact we are the last piece of THE PUZZLE. And we have a deadline within our individual puzzles NOW because the whole universe is not gonna wait for anything to put it's final piece in so it can then exist in IT's total perfection beyond any concept of Time, which is Timeless and Perfect which is GOD. Which means that for you, my friend, that you, if you'd like to be part of a once in existance chance, you can, to get back, get back to where you once belonged without having a totally completed puzzle. You can, NOW, step back, way back and try to understand the total puzzle with pieces missing or you can search as fast as you can for as many pieces as you can before time's up or you can continue to fixate on that which humanity has always done and only pay attention to one of your own little pieces and my guess is getting stuck for the rest of time with only that little piece or OR YOU CAN DO NOTHING and hope that when the time comes when you will no longer have a choice, the reality behind it all as the picture is shown to you in full, that which you see does not destroy your soul. Because there is only one of two things that what you see can be: Something that you fear which will ultimately cripple your soul or Something that you will LOVE and in that LOVE you will see All That Is and All That Could Be and exist alongside and within that Perfect Puzzle and you will become the The Puzzle Maker to create a whole new puzzle for the Next Round because...that's all there is....no it's not as black and white as I have described here in "black and white" because the Universal Multidimensional Existance That IS is THE most complex puzzle there IS. But One cannot begin to even sort that out yet without the help of those of us that are, in essence, stuck HERE, in only the 3rd dimension with so much effort going towards vastly smaller and less meaningful activities, All That Is, in order to get to work on THE NEW PUZZLE Time is almost up on this dimension, we're being upgraded whether we want to or not....So the choice is before you, Choose wisely and you will be granted Absolute Choice, constrained by nothing but your own imagination. Choose poorly and..I will not fathom a guess (although I may already have) because I have already made my choice and act on it and through it to help as many as I can while I still have time and in hopes that that I will leave enough pieces behind for those who do not make it up to find and learn from all through the next round......


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Toxic Angel said...

Great post. Interesting indeed.... :)

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Gerksly said...

Thanks for the feedback Angel. I feel like I haven't said it enough but your writing always inspires me and I continually look forward to your newest posts.


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