Observations of a Damaged Mind

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

If you experiance any of these symptoms please continue searching, the answers are there waiting for you

Symptoms of Inner Change:

"Symptoms of Inner Change and
Personal Transformation"

You sense that something big is happening
on planet Earth these days

Your inner voice tells you that
change is coming

You feel a restlessness stirring deep within

You find yourself searching
for a deeper meaning
and purpose to life

Struggling for survival and happiness
in the material world just doesn't
satisfy you anymore

More and more you are becoming
bored and frustrated with the
routines of everyday life

You no longer feel connected or attached to things,
places, or even people you once felt close to

Your career or personal relationships
with other people don't feel
the same anymore

Your hunger for the material comforts
and pleasures of life leaves you
feeling empty and incomplete

You are beginning to realize that
lasting peace and happiness
is an inner thing

You find yourself breaking ties
with all things physical

You find yourself looking into the spiritual or mystical
realms for a greater sense of purpose,
direction and meaning to life

Tests of personal, financial or physical
hardship have found their
way into your life

Perhaps you suffer through periods of profound doubt,
depression, dissociation, loss of orientation,
rootlessness and a profound sense of loss

Heavy foods such as beef, rich deserts,
and the like no longer feel right and
lower your vibrations

You often find yourself wondering... who am I,
what am I really doing here or what is
my real purpose on this planet?

Perhaps your feelings are becoming more intense,
that you cry or become overly emotional
for no good reason

You feel that time is speeding up

Sometimes you question your own sanity but there
is a knowingness deep within that says
you are on the right path

You find yourself going through a personal cleansing
process where old belief systems are being
weeded out from your inner being

At times you feel exhausted
for no apparent reason

Other times you find it difficult to focus on
your job or other types of work

Your traditional belief system is showing signs
of upheaval and you find yourself
detaching from it

You find yourself in career crisis and are perhaps seeking
employment and professional fulfillment in an
entirely new area or a series of unfocused
projects that have little
substance to them

You feel a sense of separation
from family and friends

Material things no longer are a
source of security for you

For some, it seems that your
entire world is falling apart

You begin to look at things in a
much different way

Some days everything seems to go right...
other days everything seemingly goes wrong

You no longer seem concerned
with financial security

You trust in the knowingness of your higher Self
and in the notion that the spiritual
journey is one's true path

Your old life is dying while at the same
time a new life is emerging

You find yourself very uncomfortable in
the presence of negative energy

Religious dogmas that have motivated
you through fear and guilt
no longer feel right

You find yourself waiting for signs

More and more you feel out of touch, out
of sync, with the rest of the world

You no longer find meaning in your work

Your life has recently gone through upheaval, perhaps
in the form of a health crisis, financial
loss, career failure, divorce,
a broken relationship

You feel that your vibration is increasing and that things such
as traffic, noisy malls, busy highways, bustling airports,
violent movies and other kinds of negative
energies lower your vibrations

You now find that attachments to any and
all things put limitations on you...
that your sense of freedom
is diminished

You find yourself detaching from the rat race,
material possessions, negative relationships,
and old belief systems that don't
serve you well anymore

You no longer feel connected to consensus reality

You find yourself seeking ways to achieve
inner peace and simplicity of life

You feel that you live in and sense two different realities
simultaneously: The 3-dimensional material reality
your old self used to occupy and a new reality
of higher vibration and spirituality that
you find yourself shifting into

Feel good if you can relate to the symptoms
of personal transformation!

There are massive changes taking
place on our planet these days

Mother Earth's vibrations grow stronger every
day and they are reaching higher
and higher elevations

As that happens, you will experience
profound changes within yourself

Inner change is happening for many of us

And a greater sense of the spiritual is awakening
in the mass consciousness of humanity



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