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Friday, January 07, 2005

Anonymous Demands of Myself

...Ok, so, sorry anonymous. I didnt realize that I had developed a repeat readership. I know I haven't written in about a week. That's just how it goes sometimes, I have been in a very visual mode lately and have been expressing myself through my photo art. I havent posted anymore photos cause I'm still debating over whether or not I'm worried about my work being stolen or copied(more to come on that thought). But anyways, since its kinda late and my mind is swirling from many intense conversations , communications, connections, visions, thoughts, ideas, signs and information, I have had as of late, I am not going to try to wade through all of them now cause I gots to go to class in the morning. I promise though that I will make a more concerted effort to share more puzzle pieces as I find them and fit them into the creation/journey in progress. Until then, I have added the beginning of a poem that I wrote at 1:35am on December 23, 2004 and saveed as a draft because I didnt think it to be too good or of much importance. Now tonight on a second read and a couple miner typo fixes I share this with you for you to interpret as you may. It's just another piece. Much has come before and there will be much after....

...What's goin on?

I know but its so hard to explain. Peculiur, I guess.
All I can see is pictures in my mind
in processing the interpretation
thoughts and mouth begin to run just off time

but the music brings me back
fills me in were I feel the holes
lifts me up and holds my soul

vessel for the voyage to the other side
free the vibrations you hold so tightlyy
fly free, forget your mind.

let the syllables resonate and intertwine
every cell, its juice and DNA
pressed and compressed into a fine wine
to be drunk by the lesser gods

Those beings that lie somewhere between
our minescule plane of existance
and the Oneness of All Things Combined

for to think that the only being greater than Us
Is the Oneness/Allah/Jesus and God of the omnicent kind
in this vast universe
of which we have not even ventured further than our own moon
Is to belittle and pay ill regard
to all that we can never hope to comprehend about the vast space that is existance

consciousness is a coin of many sides
Be it inside, outside, upside, downside
Every side weighed to its own plane...


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