Observations of a Damaged Mind

Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Simple Meditation on The Muse

Sends me on a journey through a Field of Joy.
Vibrant colors engulf me in ecstasy.
Golden petals, illuminated by the purest light,
Interwoven, form a canopy of bliss.
Hues bleed together spanning the entire spectrum
Leaves no longer just “Green.”

Rather, a stew of Lavenders, Magentas
Oranges, Blues, Green yellow and Yellow green
Dark green, Olive green and Lawn green
Pale green, Lime green and Sea
Chartreuse, Mint Cream and Aquamarine
Oh yeah! And I almost forgot: Green green.

Among the barren wastelands of Winter
One wonders how, all this I could see.
My reply stands that it is you
That sets my mind free.
Just pondering your existence
Provides me with eternal Spring.

Creativity flows from a well never dry.
Unnamable hues endlessly emanate from your eyes,
More radiant than the refraction of light through a dragonfly’s wings
Always attempting to recreate a beauty comparable to yours,
An impossible feat; I know.
But I must never cease to try.

Christopher Kokonas
12/11/04  Posted by Hello


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