Observations of a Damaged Mind

Friday, December 10, 2004

Out of my mind

And I hath prophesized unto thus, that he hath gave praise to the Earth Mother and given knowledge of existence of her endless beauty; and I asketh that she provide her divine guidance to me thus henceforth. And in her endless wisdom she gaveth to me the task of to comfort and guide The Muse in exchange for confirmation of knowing of the The Muse’s forever purpose and thus receiving the pleasantries of soul revealing conversates whilest partaking in a bowl of the divine herbeth, and by thus I mean smoketh the weedeth and entering a state of intense inebriations and then thus therefore and withto proceeded the Sharing of the Divine Knowledge handed frotheth to those, and by those I mean Her, She, Me, I and Gerk, throughest a connection not shared on thy most physical plane of existence byeth any means but through a higher consciousness level sort of thing, by which I mean thus that it was somewhere up here [with hand touching top of head and moving it around in a circular motion whilest proclaiming to all to see unto thus forthhence will repeat the following words]: It’s. It’s something out here. Inside. Away from all that is previously known. Down deep or way up, frontways or backways, slantways or noways or everyways. It moves. Because it has to. Because the endless stream of Music out of the Mind of Grey Davis and transforthed to you through the Prophet Souls and therefore hence the Collective Mind of the GasLight Drifters moves all Souls to the Edge [although the Sacred Music was not playing at the time the notes are forever binded with my being] Anyway were wasith. Oh yes! The Muse! For she lacketh con-fi-dence in her innate inner Wisdom, however thus, she hath extended a hand towards the light and our pathe to be traveled together has not yet shown A Fork. The goodness of thus is overwhelming however it is thus overwhelmed by the a great sadness due to Mr Miyagi’s sudden downtrodden day. For I shall now go share the Previously Formentioned Herbage, also known unto those as Danketh Bud with Him that is the soul mentioned in thee last sen-ti-ounce. Unto this experience we give thanks and peace.
Written Here Upon Thy Date of Today, For Date is Meaningless!
Gerkimus Ideidomus Maximus


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