Observations of a Damaged Mind

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Expand your mind. Think!


What if we could get whatever we want?

Conquer our worst fears?

Shape our destiny—starting now?

Dream again—dream new dreams?

Be absolutely certain we are on the right road?

Wouldn't that be great?

What's stopping us? Our design. It's flawed by reactive thinking (which is not really thinking at all). We already have what we need—our minds. Now we need to grasp is its design. We are awash in information, and how we process that infomation shapes our lives. But generally how we think depends mostly on chance. In fact, we can make anything better instantly simply by changing our beliefs? And, though difficult, it's a thing many high achievers do frequently. Old beliefs got us here; new beliefs can take us to much higher levels.

What's the solution?

A Thinker's Toolkit

We assume ordinary thinking is adequate and certainly not something we need to think about. Why not continue on thinking as usual? After all ordinary thinking got us here. That's the point, it's great if "here" is what we wanted. What many call thinking is reacting. Reacting is old thinking so it keeps us "here." Therefore, everyday thinking needs careful scrutiny because of its hidden power. It can cuddle you or literally kill you.


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