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Friday, December 10, 2004

A Day to Remember

While it remains fresh in mind, I must recap my extrordinary day.

Alright so I woke up bright and early this morning at 8am for no particular reason, or so it seemed at the time. What was rather odd about this was that I did not go to bed till about 4am the night before and anything less than 8-12 hours of sleep for me is out of the ordinary.

So I wake up and immediately proceed to check email, read a few news articles and post some shit to this. Shortly there after, I meditated for about an hour, I think. Again , not ordinary as I usually meditate before I go to bed at night.

So I finish meditating and rather than vege around in my pajamas for most of the afternoon I jumped in the shower right away

Low and behold, my phone unexpectly rings at a 11:35am and it is The Muse in need of some cheering up and herbal refreshments. Instantly knowing that this was a quest that must be partaken I step outside to see if Mr. Miyagi is home and there he is standing in the driveway. Sadly he was unable to fulfill my need.

So a phone call was placed to the venerable Grey Davis and after apologizing profusely for waking him he conceded that I would be able to stop by to "borrow a cd."

Having completed the first stage of my mission I proceded to The Muse's place of residence to partake in all that is goodly and green. Although she was not at all in a good mood due to some educational debauchery, we were able to find a common plane of existance upon which to connect in a way that I had only dreamed about before today. Many compliments of the most sincere nature were exchanged and I gave thanks once again, as i have so many times before, to her continued presense in my life. An emotional bond was made during the forsaid encounter and I know my soul is forever changed. And this is only the beginning.

Upon parting, I ventured home to output the mass of creative energy I accumulated while at The Muse's. After about an hour's worth of writing I watched some tube with Father and regathered my energy for the coming second half of my day.

Shortly after 5pm, El Guru came to pick me up at my abode in order to travel to temple after the Holy Word was uttered in conversation. That word being: Pool. In transit, more greenery was consumed and there were great tunes. At the Sacred Hall of Pool know as Chris's another strange yet higly welcome occurance occured. I beat El Guru 7 semi-solid games in a row. Most pleasing.

The day's journey nearing completion we traveled back to El Guru's casa for some tunage, smokeage, south parkage, and intense Halo action. All was well until 1:30am when I requested to be taken home for the night. Outside, the demonseed vehicle, Le Intrepid, refused to start and repeatedly screamed in pain. Phone calls were placed looking for alternate transportation home but all were either not home, not awake or far too inebriated to pick me up.

Thus I walked the just over 2 miles home, while processing the days events and entered home at about 2:20.

Which brings me to now - 3:08am - now I must sleep and dream about what could possibly come to pass tomarrow. Till then, goodnight.

A day such as this will never be forgotten. My energy has grown. Praise be to the Earth Mother for her divine guidance. Peace.


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