Observations of a Damaged Mind

Monday, November 08, 2004

what else is there to say

words dance along the walls of my mind
A single bulb swings overhead throwing shadows and light across the surface
must be quick if I'm to find a word that rhymes

been there before but havent seen it since
begin to speak and the words sputter out
backwords and mumbled cause I hardly open my mouth

If only it made sense then others would see
There's no words to describe what I see inside of me
the pictures remain, fresh as they can be
how do I extract them from my brain, in a way that others will recognize and believe.

as the music grows it will begin to express itself in other forms
opening beliefs and changing the norm

I only used to think i was a little bit strange
Had no idea the true scale of my domain and range

the storm can gather and the clouds cry
does it always rain when I am sad or because I am sad it rains.
hypnotic illusions overthrow my brain

I feel like I'm breaking through my skin
I have wings to unfold, strech and fly
how do I release that power and not die

miracles and deeds of love to perform
will help me reach the sky

I'm almost floating now
my feet sweep the floor, weightlessness erupts
as I walk through the door.

something burns in my eyes, something that has always been there
and I knew all the time. Just beginning to see it
every step closer to free it, all of my being wants to be it

the universe rolls through my fingers
the time is coming for all to realize it


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