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Thursday, November 25, 2004

So Change.

I have been watching posts now for a few weeks without posting myself because I wanted to see how much really is getting accomplished and mostly very little has; other than a bunch of people shouting at each other and adding to the white noise. We've gotta get in tune.

We've each got so many different causes for our anger and we can see the effects the current system is having on people and the earth. And we all read Adbusters and see the trend in what we are headed towards. We all, of activist nature, want and need change. That I see as the root of the situation.

Our major problem is that we are all so bogged down by labels and trying to name our "movement" and then add some catchphrase to it and making sure it's all "new and monumental" ideas, all without stepping on anyone's toes, that we have lost site of the roots. Change. Every single person living has the power to change. Even a ninety-year-old geezer who seems to be the gruffest and unchangeable person in the world still welcomes the change of his Depends. Why? Because no one likes to be covered in shit. As of late, America has become the largest poo-flinger the world has ever know. We are just covering EVERYONE in shit. Ourselves included. As people realize this they will be begging for change. We, as the beginners of the new revolution, need to be there to show people the amount of shit that is building up and that we all have the power to change ourselves.

We each, on our own, need to reestablish our connections to this power. We all spend so many hours and hours and dollars and thought into how we can change our physical selves that we so easily forgot that time will do that for us. Time will change our physical selves whether we want it to or not. That's not the power I'm talking about. Im talking about changing your mental self, your spiritual self, your true self. I doubt anyones true self talks to them at night telling them they NEED to spend their lives in a plastic cube or in front of a screen recomposing their "digital selves." We can all change our minds. Anytime we chose. That's what it is to be human. Those that are in power now want to remain in power forever so they demonize change or they market it for their own gains. It's "ok", to change your car every year for the "newest and bestest" version but a real change, something that doesnt perpetuate the endless cycle of the system now is suspect. Don't buy that. Change is an inevitable constant. Always.

Everyone says, "well what can I do as one person?" I say, "Do you have something you want to change? Yes, then tell one other person. And tell another person and tell as many people as you possibly can. Dont ever let that change leave your mind. Talk to anyone you know or dont know. Verbalize yourself. Write it down. Email it out. Yes many people will be pissed off and they should be. Find out why they are pissed off. Stop talking at this point (you can do it) and listen to why they are pissed off. Find out where they are on that imaginary line between the two extremes. Fuck labels. Forget about what label they use and dont use one yourself. Concentrate on the idea. Everyone exists somewhere between two poles on any particular issue. Figure out where the person you are talking to sits and "nudge 'em". That's right "nudge 'em" just a little bit. Figure out how to get on the other side of the issue. Their side but more extreme. Figure out where they are and nudge 'em back a little towards the middle. Be rational. Bring it down to the smallest task possible and show how easy it is to change. Do it yourself. Then tell more."

People don't move in leaps and bounds. They take baby steps. That's all we ever take are baby steps, in one direction or other or none at all. Most of us think we are taking steps in a direction but are barely marching in place. Thats the key, don't you see. Break down any ISSUE into the smallest common denomiator. At that point, labels cant exist. That's what people cling to. Their labels. But labels are just words. They are words connected to a broad range of ideas. Very few people fall entirely under a single label. Yet they they cling to it as a belief. be it religous, political, social, economic, whatever. We've gotta get below theie label radar. As soon as someone hears a label they dont like the defenses go up. Let go of the labels and get inside enemy territory. Strike fast and get out. Guerrilla warfare of the mind.

Politicians, Religous leaders, CEOs, Television Execs provide such an endless and total onslaught against our minds that no idea that currently exists will provide sufficent tactics to win this war. This war of thought. People have gotten so lazy today that no one wants to think of anything new. Or they think they CANT think of any new because "it's all already been done" BULLSHIT. Throughout all of time people have been saying shit like that because they dont want to have to use their minds anymore. Well now is the last chance to use your brain, mind, ideas, imagination, conscious and unconscious. THEY are winning. WE are letting them. Actual causulties from this war will be few. Causulties, upon the cerebral planes, will be more than imaginable. You wont know you've lost your mind till it's already gone. While you've still got it, if you've got it, meditate on the unknown and find those new and unique ideas to share. Dont be afraid. We're not judging. We're looking for new answers. New ideas. Dont look at the BIG questions, if you dont think you can answer them. Answer something smaller. Answer anything. Free your mind.

Maybe you think I've already lost mine. That's fine. Think what you will. Call me what you will. I guarantee that I will listen to what you have to say. But you must be willing to hear what I have to say and respond in a rational and well thought manner. One thing though, your perception of ME has absolutely nothing to do with my perception of ME. That's not to say that I am not open to new ideas. I always am open to new ideas. If they make sense and work "fo' the greater good". I will most definitly agree with you. If I disagree you must allow me that and expect that I will attempt to persuade you to a more rational thought.

I change something every day. Just to change it; The way i get to work, the order of daily tasks, anything I can think of. It keeps me awake. They say routines are good and life is easier if you follow routines. This may be so but then when you live in a routine you're not really LIVING are you? You are just sleeping or dreaming your way through life. And I dont know about anyone else but I don't know how long I have left on this planet so I make sure that I'm "all there" whenever I do anything. And appriciate every minute for what it's worth, a lifetime.

Sorry all for the enormous post. I hope I got my point across. Did I have a point? Yes.

Once you see, Everything Changes.


-Citizen of Earth


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