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Friday, October 15, 2004

To Everyone

A few days ago, October 11 to be exact, I sent out the following in an email to everyone in my address book. I dont know why....a steam valve let off:

To everyone:

With a presidential election that that will change the course of history as we know it only 3 weeks away, I have found in myself an ever increasing sense of voicelessness and unease. With all major media outlets touting the polls as "too close to call," and the never-ending onslaught of hype, rhetoric, fear and lies coming from the white house that's being pawned off as "News," I feel that I must share realities and expose truths that average Americans cannot find without some diligent searching and questing for truth that so many of us either "don't have time for", "don't care about or for" or "think it doesn't effect them by not knowing". I'm here with a pin to pop the American Self-imposed Bubble of "America is so great and wonderful and the whole world wants to be like us" WAKE UP!!! The rest of the world doesn't like us. We have become the cocky teenage bully, in the way of countries, and the there are a huge amount of people out there that want to do nothing more than to kill us all just so they can be left alone. In the past 4 years, America's reputation, friends and wealth have been flushed down the toilet and I ask, for what? FOR WHAT? ...So we can maintain the status quo, so Americans can buy their way through their lives without ever having to worry about anyone but themselves. Guess what, the results are in...the status quo is no longer acceptable or safe to maintain. America is leading the world...in pollution, corruption, consumption and overall death to the planet. And we are trying to get the rest of the world to be just like us Does that make sense? A fact I recently read in Adbusters Magazine (http://www.adbusters.org/): If everyone in China were to consume as much as the average American, we would need 13 Earths to sustain life. At the rate of expansion we are at, clean water, clean air, and even food will be hard to come by within a decade. I don't know about you but I would like to see the final 3 quarters of my life, and the lives of my future children and grandchildren to be lived in a world that is better than the one I exist in now. I am 22. If I live to 88, I would consider myself to have lived a full life. For the first quarter of my life, I have been essentially powerless as a child but now I have acclimated myself to the ways of the world. And in my 22 years I have seen a steady decline in the world I know, I would rather not see that trend continue. That is why I am asking everyone I know to do something, TODAY! The thing that I am asking all you to do isn't even that hard. Just educate yourself. READ. Change an idea. Find a new perspective. Encourage others to find a new perspective. That's the only way that this world will survive. We have to change, we need to change. It's fairly obvious that the way things are right now aren't working. Institutions need to be torn down and rethought. Theories of conventional wisdom need to be challenged. We need to let go of worrying about safety and security all the fucking time because it's a figment of our collective imaginations. If all the time spent by everyone "protecting their stuff" was spent on the collective good of the Earth and life in general we would not be faced with the turning point we see today. History is ending. A momentum shift has begun but we are not over the hill yet. Please I implore you, for my sake, your sake, the sake of every person on the planet if you are American, your only 'patriotic duty' right now should be to educate yourself on all sides of the current debate for president and make the most informed judgment possible. Don't just keep watching news programs or reading newspapers that affirm your beliefs over and over again. Get on the Internet and find another perspective. Be open. Hear the other side of the arguement. Even if it doesn't change your beliefs it'll strengthen whatever beliefs you have because you'll know the whole story. I believe in America and American ideals but the America I live in today is nearly 180 degrees from what this country was founded for. I know that if people are allowed to see the whole story they will vote with their hearts which means change. The spinners know this too. Which is why all major media in this country right now is suspect. Everyone has an agenda. The problem is that no one with any real power has an agenda of peace. Why? 2004 years....and we're still squabbling over the same shit....I don't know, I think I'm just screaming into the wind now.

I've included some links to particularly interesting and eye opening articles that I have read lately. Please take a few minutes to read them and maybe even respond. You know, start a dialogue, exchange ideas and grow.

Thought you might find this interesting - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article7028.htm

Thought you might find this interesting - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article2319.htm

Thought you might find this interesting - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article6838.htm

Thought you might find this interesting - http://antiwar.com/paul/?articleid=3752

Thought you might find this interesting - http://www.sundayherald.com/45324

http://www.antiwar.com/ http://www.moveon.org/ http://www.adbusters.org/ http://www.sundayherald.com/ http://www.mediacarta.org/

One final thing that I thought I would get to in my above rant but didn't come up. I made the following post to a message board the other night after the debate:

FUCK 911!!! Wow, 3000 Americans died, whoop-di-friggin-do!!! What is this obsession with 911? ya some people died, get over it. Every other country in the world has dealt with greater loss than that. Everyone, says "in the post 911 world." It's the same damn world the only difference is that Americans got yanked out of their little bubble of "oh 'god' I'm so fucking special I have everything and I know the answers to every little problem in the world" Americans need to get the hell over themselves. In their little “war ‘for freedom’ in Iraq,” do you ever hear about the number of Iraqis killed compared to a stinking 1000 deaths. Try 13000 to 15000, best estimate. (http://www.iraqbodycount.net/ ) Yet every single schmuck from Iowa that loses a leg or catches a grenade between his teeth becomes a media cult icon that has so many people grieving for him and "Oh my 'god'" those savages cut his head off. Think about this at least they can put the asshole's body in a normal sized (or maybe shortened) casket. I guess it's assumed in America that nobody gives a shit when an Iraqi (or a whole wedding party) not only dies but has to be spooned off the street cause a bomb got shot up his ass. What the FUCK!!!??!! Ya SURE, America was the "best" for a good part of history but ya done fucked up and the world is tired of your shit. This election coming up is America's last chance to get their own shit in order. If America reelects Bush.....fuck....someone pray for civilization!!!
When I let a friend read it he responded in a way that absolutely infuriated me. He said "What, so you value Iraqi lives more than American?" MY ANSWER: I value every life EQUALLY!! I don't give a fuck what color your skin is, who you like to fuck, what labels you attach to yourself or where you live on earth. If you are human, your life means no more or less than my life (which in the grand scheme of things one person means a relatively microscopic amount). The reality that struck me, that there are most likely a great many people out there that view lives just as proportionally depending on what combination of letters makes up a particular persons dominant label created a vibration in my being unequal to any that have come before. Be that the case, I have felt the need to share these thoughts with you to provoke some emotion. I sincerely hope I have gotten right in some people's faces and pissed you off in some way or another with this email. If I have please respond (reply all). If you agree with any of what I have written in this email or would like to add to it please, please do and forward it to anyone and everyone you know. Right now, I am just one person with an idea that I think is needs to be shared. I need your help to share it otherwise it'll die within the computer it was written. I'm not one who particularly cares about "victories" but If I have connected with just one person tonight. I'll consider it.

Thank you for your time.

Stanley Gerkonis - Citizen of Earth


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